FaceLube Website Review & Ratings + FaceLube Coupons
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FaceLube Website Review & Ratings + FaceLube Coupons

FaceLube: Products & Services

FaceLube is a brand of skin care products that is targets masculine and macho men. It tries to address the skin issues that men face and the product line on offer revolves around masculinity and the fact that men dread to shop for skin care products. The website provides a discreet and easy way to shop for the products that may be required. The website offers packing similar to car care products such as lubes and waxes. FaceLube provides skin care information in terms of car care and detailing products so a man can easily form an acquaintance with the product.

The products on offer do not make a man look pretty but good as a car would feel when oiled and waxed. The company offers automotive services along with skin care services so it enables customers to have both their ride and skin looked after under on roof.

The product range are:

  • Premier Collection: Has sub categories named as Artscimen, Camelot, Facelube Premium and Liquid Armour

  • Vo Victor Ortiz

  • Booster Packs

  • Shave Kits

All of the products are made from natural ingredients and if chemicals are used, the composition is clearly mentioned. The products offered are of the best quality and a men can be ensured that their skin is in safe hands.


FaceLube: Company Background

The founder of the FaceLube website and product line is Candace Chen. She has had several years of experience in the automotive industry. The founder claims to have found the right type of solution to men skin care problems due to her long period of interaction with men, as it enabled her to research about the exact cure for men skin problems. Ms Chen also claims her comfort level with men has helped have a closer look to what men prefer and how they wish to buy skin care products as most men are too shy to go out and buy off the shelf skin products from the beauty section of a store.

The company has 50,000 retail locations and another 100,000 secondary retail locations throughout the US.


FaceLube: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The website features its own review page that shows a great deal of satisfaction amongst its consumers. An unknown user writes “I love the little kit's design and look. My husband was excited to use this product, and actually did use it. usually he just rinses with water. He has amazing skin already- so I expected it to break him out. But it didn't! I think he felt fancy using such an expensive product to be honest.”. It is very difficult to ascertain the truth about the products on offer so other reviews were needed.

On Amazon David A Wilson writes”I can't say enough good stuff about this product. It truly does what it claims! It leaves my skin perfectly balanced and tight feeling. Never a greasy residue like with many facial products. I had a few dark sun spots above my right temple and over a 3 month period of time, they faded and faded and are now gone. Must be something at the cellular level working with this product. I've received countless questions and comments from coworkers about how I look younger too.”.

John k writes”This is my second order. I have tried numerous skin care products prior to discovering the FaceLube product. Most products that I've used are either too greasy or too dry and not too much effect noticed. The FaceLube cream goes on smoothly yet not greasy. I am a side sleeper and the last thing I want is to have all the face cream wind up on my pillow.”.

It is safe to say that the product meets its consumers requirements and can be recommended for use.


FaceLube: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The website does not offer any information on its website to suggests its credibility. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) do not have any thing on record of the company. All there is available are the videos of the owner who explains about herself and the products that she markets. Customers and to be customers must do their own due diligence prior to buying any of their products.


FaceLube: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Most Popular gives the website a rank of 1,817,581. Alexa gives the website a global; rank of 1,817,581 and does not provide a US rank. It lists the website's reputation as 655. Google Page Rank gives the website a 4 out of a possible 10. The website lacks the ranking that it should have and the company needs to put in more efforts to drive more traffic towards the website in order to ensure its website's popularity.


FaceLube: Social Media Presence

The FaceBook page of the website has 4,296 likes and is used to advertise the company's products effectively to a worldwide audience. The company uses the twitter account @facelube which has 15,349 followers with 184 tweets. The Pinterest page has 30 followers and 19 pins. The YouTube page of the company has 20 subscribers and has had 10,341 views.

The company has used social media to its fullest potential and has used it to place its brand and product out into the reach of millions of consumers.


FaceLube: Website Security & Safety

According to Google Safety Diagnostic the website is not listed as suspicious and does not host malware and viruses. The company also uses a secure connection when a customer carry out purchases on the website. The company employs HTTPS and SSL security protocols to ensure smooth and secure browsing for its customers.


FaceLube: Pricing & Packages

The a price varies along the product range and the whole product range is priced between $5 and $285. The prices charged are for the quality and quantity of the products and is a considered a small price to pay for the facial rejuvenation the customer will experience once the products have started doing their job.

The beauty industry offers several other alternatives ranging from cheap to high priced. It is up to the customer to decide what they value more; money of younger looking facial skin.


FaceLube: Shipping Rates & Policies

The website offers free shipping above orders of $50. The website uses this technique to enhance its sales volume and to ensure more revenue is generated from the website. Shipping is carried out by reputable shipping companies and one can be ensured of their bought items reaching in time without any hassle.


FaceLube: Payment Methods Accepted

The website currently accepts payments through credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. The website employs a great level of security such as HTTPS and SSL when a customer is on the purchase page of the website. The security provided can ensure peace of mind while shopping on the website and ensures no financial data theft will take place.


FaceLube: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The website currently does not offer any refunds or money back guarantees. This seems quite strange if the company has faith in its products. Other several beauty product manufacturers provide a good deal of service along with money back guarantees and refunds unlike FaceLube. The company must rethink its strategy with regards to returns and refunds to gain consumer confidence and create a name for its self in this ever so changing beauty care industry.

FaceLube: Product images & screenshots
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